debbie harry., ur a wizard


listen ontd i have been patient with you and i treasure you dearly but if you cannot gather that i only want to be on lj to interact w/ your fine ass i rly have nothing further to say. pls allow me access to your magical wonderland without forcing me to write bs journal entries on here.

but since you brought it up, i want to discuss the fact that i am currently drinking a delicious macchiato and i'm feeling extremely italian today. i am planning a thesis research paper which i hope will carve out a detailed indigenous diet that will hope combat multiple cultural issues rn such as a lack of indigenous-menu restaurants. furthermore i visited the police station yesterday and am apparently going to be making a habit of it.

later this afternoon i will work out like f and walk my dog after some hrs of writing and expressing as much of my woman's flood as i can in order to train for the next hunger games nbd.